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 2012, as the first year of China's Internet finance, when Ali finance, "three Mr. MA building Internet-based financial carriage" and financial disintermediation become the events or terms familiar to us, will traditional commercial banks disappear like the dinosaurs? How Internet business players are going for "Gold Rush" at the cloud terminal? How will financiers continue to write a legend in the Internet age? How will financial organs seize opportunities for change to pass other carriages at the curve? All these are the problems annoying modern financial institutions and financial professionals.

Internet banking is an emerging field where the traditional financial sector is combined with the spirit of the Internet. The spirit of the Internet "openness, equality, cooperation, and sharing" is penetrating the traditional financial format, fundamentally affecting the financial model. All the types of finance with the spirit of the Internet are called Internet finance. Internet finance is different from traditional finance not only in medium for financial business, but more importantly in that the financial players are well aware of the essence of the spirit of the Internet “openness, equality, cooperation and sharing" and that the Internet, mobile network and other tools characterize the traditional financial business with more transparency, easier participation, better collaboration, lower intermediate costs, simpler operation and so on. The Internet finance models are emerging rapidly and those models that have emerged can be mainly divided into the following: third-party payment, P2P microfinance, crowd financing, new currency, new financial service, online bank and so on.

Internet finance is an important direction for the future development of the business of financial institutions. As a large number of foreign Internet financial models brought into the domestic market, and mutual penetration of the domestic Internet practitioners and financial professionals, Internet finance business will develop more rapidly. As financial institutions are craving for knowledge about Internet finance, Ever Green Financing launched a special course "Internet Finance Business Model and Development Trends" about definition of the Internet finance, domestic and foreign cases of Internet finance development and the development trends of domestic Internet finance development trends, etc. to provide assistance in the business development of financial customers.
Course Highlights

  • The course is taught by experts in the industry. For example, Mr. Zhou, as general director of the research department of the Internet Finance Lab at PBC School of Finance, Tsinghua University (the first institute of Internet finance research in China), he is familiar with the mainstream financial and commercial Internet patterns and development trends in United States, Europe and China;
  • Strong lineup of guests
  • Course content is rich, covering the development of the Internet finance, the Internet financial business models, the development trends of Internet finance and so on;
  • Content is innovative, as the first systematic course about Internet finance;
  • Strong practicality, with rich cases.
Who Should Attend  
  • Financial institutions: information and technology department, brokerage business department, financial engineering department, risk management department, strategy department, customer service department, sales department, e-banking department, etc.

Instructors Profile
Mr. Zhou

  • Mr. Zhou new serves as general director of the research department and the strategy incubating department of the Internet Finance Lab of PBC School of Finance, Tsinghua University. He is in charge of the research on the business models of Internet finance and the incubating of the projects of Internet finance, and familiar with domestic and international Internet-based financial models and development trends. Over the past 11 years, he has worked at Huawei, ZTE, Suning direct investment funds, combined with the Internet and financial background, once worked in North America, Europe, Southeast Asia, Africa, and has been concerned about the development of new business models of the global technology and finance.  
  • As a senior expert in the industry, Mr. Zhou worked for the National Development Bank, the Beijing Municipal Government and the SAFE to provide advice and training; and has been interviewed as special guest in China by many financial media, and his research reports and financial point of view are often quoted in the media, including the People's Daily, Bloomberg Business Week, China Entrepreneur and so on. He has also been invited as speaker in domestic and international leading financial forums, including Macau Development Forum including, Private Banking and Wealth Management Forum, Securities Investment Annual Meeting, Risk Investment Annual Meeting and the Internet financial forums, etc.  
  • Tsinghua University MBA.
 Mr. Lei
  • Partner of ROOTSCAP, Tsinghua University MBA, former senior investment manager of Zero2IPO Capital. He was a senior reporter of "21st Century Business Herald" a famous financial media and has a long-term observation and in-depth understanding of the IT and Internet industry. He published the first book to describe the conditions of venture capital in China named Venture Capital, and he has a broad network of contacts in VC/PE industry.  He has participated in and led the financing round A 15 million USD of IZP, a network marketing company; tens of millions of dollars for fund raising round A and B for SECOO, a electric supplier of luxury goods; tens of millions dollars for fund raising round A and B for tiantian.com, the largest electric supplier of cosmetics in China.
  • As a financing expert, Mr. Lei is a contracted columnist of "New York Times" Chinese version; employed by DCCI as e-commerce expert and one of expert advisory members of DCCI "e-Blue Book" series; LUI was also invited as speaker by Galaxy Securities for Annual Strategic Conference on e-commerce and Internet innovation business. He is also a Chinese entrepreneurs training camp youth mentor in Tsinghua University.
Mr. Ma
  • Vice President of China Finance Online Co., Ltd, FMBA of Cheung Kong Graduate School of Business, he entered the futures market in 1994 and turned his focus to financial Internet. As initial staff of financial website, he witnessed the history of domestic financial development of the Internet and has explored profit model of financial Internet besides advertising business----Internet security software and services. He is currently responsible for exploration and implementation of finance management for China Finance Online. He is familiar with financial information services, and actively studies internet finance.
  • As a veteran in the Internet industry, a secondary student of financial industry, he is member of Securities Investment Advisory Professional Committee of Securities Association of China, director of Shenzhen Financial Information Industry Association, and served as vice chairman and general manager of Shenzhen Genius Information Technology Co., Ltd., financial information Services Company affiliated with China Finance Online Co., Ltd.
  • China Finance Online Co., Ltd. is currently the only one financial Internet company in China listed in the U.S. Nasdaq (Company Code: JRJC), which owns financial website (www.jrj.com), stockstar website (www.stockstar.com), Shenzhen Genius Information Technology Co., Ltd., Shenzhen New Rand Investment Advisory Limited, Hong Kong Securities Finance International Finance Group and other enterprises.
Course Content

July 13
Curriculum Course Content Lecturer
Internet Financial Development Overview and Foreign Models Study
Module 1: Definition and Development of Internet Finance
  • Definition of Internet finance
  • Development of Internet finance
  • Internet finance-related regulations and regulatory system
  • Main mode of Internet finance development
Module 2: Foreign P2P Designs, Patterns and Risk Control

  • Prosper, Lending club, Funding circle case presentation
  • Market Positioning
  • Business Process
  • Profit Model
  • Risk Control Model
  • Comparison of their business models
  • Introduction of P2P-related policy and regulatory system
  • U.S. Personal Credit System Introduction
  • Inspiration to P2P Model Development in China
Introduction of Emerging Internet Finance Model
Module 3: Introduction of Public Fund Raising and Models of Emerging Financial Services Companies
  • Introduction of Public Fund Raising Business Model
  • Definition and Functions of Public Fund Raising
  • Introduction of Public Fund Raising Business Model with Example of kickstarter
  • Comparison between Typical Public Fund Raising Enterprise Models
  • Introduction of Development Prospect of Public Fund Raising
  • Introduction of Business Models of Emerging Financial Services Companies
  • Mint Company Business Model Introduction
  • Co-vest Company Business Model Introduction
  • Introduction of Business Models of Internet Fund Supermarket
Module 4: Introduction of New Currency and Internet Banking

  • Introduction of New Currency (Bitcoin for Example)
  • Basic Principle of New Internet Currency
  • Positioning and Market Trends of New Internet Currency
  • Risks Brought by New Internet Currency
  • Introduction of Internet Banking
  • Internet Banking History
  • Current Mainstream Development Model of Internet Banking
  • Inspiration to China's Internet Banking Development
July 14
Domestic Internet Finance Business Model
Module 5: Introduction of Domestic Current Internet Finance Business Model
  • Introduction of Ali Finance and Its Application
  • Characteristics of Ali Finance
  • Business Process of Ali Finance
  • Profit Model of Ali Finance
  • Obstacles to Development of Ali Finance
  • Introduction of haodai.com and Its Application
  • Positioning of haodai.com
  • Business Process of haodai.com
  • Profit Model of haodai.com
  • Analysis on Development Competitiveness of haodai.com
  • Mobile internet Finance Innovation Opportunities in WeChat Age
  • Industry Transformation Opportunities Brought by Mobile Internet
  • WeChat Characteristics and Service Model Innovation
  • Opportunities for Innovation of Internet Finance on WeChat Platform
  • China Merchants Bank WeChat Platform Innovation Case Study
Internet Finance Corporation Case Study
Module 6: Internet Finance Corporation Case Study - Financial World
  • Positioning and Objective for Providing Financial Management Service in Financial World
  • Difficulties in the Process of Development and Experience in Financial World
  • Financial World's Consideration for Establishing Business Structure
  • Customer Management Experience in Financial World
  • Legal Obstacles and Solutions to Provide Financial Management in Financial World
Module 7: Internet Finance Cases Review and Summary

  • Development Model Summary
  • Summary of Legal and Regulatory System
  • Forecast of Future Trends
Mr. MA
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