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  • Investment Bank
  • Innovation
  • Commercial Bank
  • Generic Skills
  • Asset Managment
  • Brokerage
Part One General principles, for middle management staff and above of securities companies 8 lessons 45 Mins for each lesson

  1. Framework setting of international investment banking
  1. Major BU setting
  2. Function of each BU (including investment banking department, investment department, trading department, asset management department and etc.)
  1. Introduction of specific business of each BU
  1. Introduction of specific business(type, characteristics, advantages and disadvantages)
  2. Profit model (mainly refers to the fees charged by intermediaries or spreads or income through trading)
  1. Collaboration between departments and how to manage the business line
  2. How to build risk control system
  1. Organizational structure setting of risk control
  2. Risk control process design
  3. Key points and goals of risk control for different business
  4. How to set up firewalls
Note: Currently, the Commission puts forward constantly learning of international investment banks and vigorously promote innovative business. The first step of learning and innovation should be to understand each other. Many people know Goldman Sachs, Morgan etc, but do not have a comprehensive understanding. The opportunity of comprehensive understanding of the operation model and major business of international investment banks will be popular.
Two implementation approaches:

  1. Cooperation with the Securities Industry Associations, and they will invite the key department heads of Goldman Sachs Asia to give some courses. The effect may not be satisfactory because they may guard against peers.
  2. Inviting the retired partner or former Goldman executives from U.S. The effect may be better.
Part Two Understanding, for sector management and operational personnel of securities companies

  1. For investment banking sector 8 lessons 45 Mins for each lesson

 Note: The main varieties of business for domestic investment banks are IPO, secondary offering, allotment of shares, private offering of additional shares, convertible bonds and acquisition. It is recommended to introduce other varierties such as reverse takeover, asset securitization and financing if any.  

  1. Business introduction
  1. Characteristics
  2. Customer type
  3. Operating procedure
  4. Precautions
  1. Case study
It is recommended to introduce 1 financing especially refinancing case, 1 anti-takeover case, 2 asset securitization cases and 1- 2 other cases
  1. Case background
  2. Process analysis
  3. Pricing and valuation method
  4. Consideration
  1. Business trends
  1. For bond sector 8 lessons 45 Mins for each lesson
Note: The main varieties of bonds in domestic market are corporate debts, such as corporate debts of listed companies, targeted debts of GEM companies, private debts of non-listed companies. The major components of foreign bond market can be introduced in this part (such as mezzanine debt, etc.)
  1. Business introduction
  2. Issuer
  3. Major investors
  4. Major risk
  5. Operating procedure
  1. Case study
  1. Case background
  2. Process analysis
  3. Pricing and valuation method
  4. Consideration
  1. Business trends
  1. For asset management sector 8 lessons 45 Mins for each lesson
  1. Sources of funding
  2. Fund management mode (operating mode)
  3. Investment scope and investment products
  4. Case study
  5. Business trends
Note: lecturers for this part should have the real experience in practical operation.
Part Three In-depth study, for specific operational staff

  1. Asset securitization 16 lessons 45 Mins for each lesson
  1. Type of asset securitization
  2. In-depth case analysis (classic cases and latest cases)
  1. M&A 16 lessons 45 Mins for each lesson
  1. Main M&A types
  2. Funding sources (financing) and operation modes for different sources
  3. Introduction of buyout fund and its operation mode
  4. Case study (mainly on valuation and innovation of acquisition method)
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